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New Mexico Statistical Analysis Center Projects

The following list summarizes both ongoing and recently completed NMSAC research projects. Final reports can be accessed by clicking on the NMSAC Publications link in the menu to the left.

Substance Abuse Violations Among Probationers and Parolees

We received funding from the Bureau of Justice Statistics State Justice Statistics grant to examine substance abuse among those under state community supervision by exploring violations related to substance use.We are especially interested in learning about opioid use among this population, since New Mexico has experienced high rates of opioid-related overdoses and opioid abuse.We expect the results will be beneficial for reentry and supervision planning and policy development, identifying treatment needs, and assessing changes in substance use trends.

Evaluation of UNM STEP internship program.

NMSAC is working with the School of Engineering Department at the University of New Mexico to complete an evaluation of an NSF funded internship program whose goal is to increase the number of students receiving baccalaureate degrees in engineering and computer science. Both formative and summative evaluation components are included.

Assessment of bail reform in New Mexico

In 2016, New Mexico voters passed a constitutional amendment to reform bail practices in the State. The purpose of this study is to assess the impact of those changes. In 2017, the NMSAC was awarded funds from the Bureau of Justice Statistics to complete the first phase of a multi-year study. The current project focuses on creating baseline performance measures to assess pre-amendment practices.

Assessment of criminal justice disposition and sentencing data

The NMSAC was awarded funding from the Bureau of Justice Statistics to assess disposition and sentencing data available in administrative datasets from several state agencies. While these data are used by each agency for internal purposes, they are also shared with other organizations for research studies intended to provide information that can influence policy decisions. Thus, it is important to examine the quality and completeness of the data systematically.

Evaluation of Santa Fe LEAD program

The NMSAC is assisting with the evaluation of the Santa Fe Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program. LEAD is a program intended to divert opioid users from the criminal justice system and provide them with services guided by a harm reduction philosophy. The evaluation is being directed by the New Mexico Sentencing Commission.

Court case outcomes of violent, property, and drug offenders

The New Mexico Drug Policy Alliance contracted with the NMSAC to complete a study that tracks the court case outcomes of individuals booked into a New Mexico county detention center. We are focusing on individuals whose most serious offenses involved a violent crime, property crime, or drug offense.