ISR Services

Local government and private business face many of the same challenges. ISR experience and collaboration with numerous public agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses make us uniquely qualified to understand and address these challenges. We can help your organization:

  • evaluate programs and practices
  • measure and track outcomes
  • identify ways to improve service quality and capacity
  • stay informed of best practices and evidence-based changes in your field of government or business
  • test the priorities of the public or your clientele
  • measure costs and expenditures
  • analyze current policy and regulations
  • review current data and determine the relevance to your organization
  • conduct benefit-cost analyses
  • conduct client surveys
  • analyze administrative data
  • document and evaluate grant compliance

At ISR we take the time to get to know our clients and their evaluation and research needs. We offer a variety of evaluation methods and provide clients with a thorough review of their projects to determine the evaluation approach that best fits their needs. We understand there are misconceptions about research and evaluation and we take the time to explain the distinctions of research methods and current best practices.

We have over 25 years of experience and we continue to stay current with the latest valid methods.

Our expertise includes the areas of criminal justice, homelessness, traffic safety, family well-being, education assessment, substance abuse and community services.

Please browse our list of current and completed projects.