New Mexico Statistical Analysis Center

The New Mexico Statistical Analysis Center (NMSAC) operates within the University of New Mexico's Institute for Social Research. We conduct both applied research and evaluation.

The applied research conducted at the NMSAC is intended to improve our understanding of criminal justice issues of import to the State of New Mexico. We examine the social and structural dynamics that affect criminal behavior, crime rates, and related social problems in New Mexico. One of the NMSAC's goals is to engage scholars, practitioners, and policy makers in dialogue about crime and its control.

The NMSAC also conducts evaluation studies. Some of our evaluation work is focused on assessing the impact of various crime prevention and intervention efforts around the State. In addition to crime-centered work, the NMSAC also engages in program evaluation more broadly.

On this site, you will find information about the NMSAC including our recent projects, technical reports, and publications. In keeping with one important objective of the SAC—increasing the visibility of data and research in policy venues—we also provide links to local, state, and national data resources.