WAESO/LSAMP at ASU Program Evaluation

The Western Alliance to Expand Student Opportunities/Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (WAESO/LSAMP) Program at Arizona State University (ASU) is funded by the National Science Foundation. The program works with historically and currently underrepresented students of color in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines to encourage their participation in STEM education and prepare them for advanced STEM degrees. This is accomplished primarily through intensive undergraduate research and mentoring from STEM faculty as well as summer bridge programs at community colleges with the intent of increasing the representation of scientists of color in higher education.

The WAESO/LSAMP at ASU program evaluation has been housed at the Institute for Social Research since 2012. The purpose of the evaluation project is to longitudinally evaluate the effectiveness of the WAESO/LSAMP program in reaching the program's goals and objectives. Project activities focus on the impact of faculty directed undergraduate student research, the establishment of peer networks and community, faculty and peer mentoring and development of a culture of professionalism among undergraduate students interested in pursuing advanced degrees and academic careers in STEM disciplines.

The research conducted to assess these activities involves mixed-method data collection and analysis techniques, including multi-site visits across institutions of higher education in the US Southwest where intensive, in-depth interviewing of program participants, participant observation of program activities, and online surveys of program participants takes place. For more information, contact Rebecca Beals at rbeals@unm.edu.