Photo: Sam Torres

Sam Torres

  • Project Assistant
  • Center for Applied Research and Analysis



  • University of New Mexico, Bachelor of Arts, Criminology, May 2013
  • University of New Mexico, Master of Arts, Sociology, May 2017


Samuel Torres is a Project Assistant at the Center for Applied Research and Analysis (CARA). He began working at the ISR in 2014, the same year he enrolled as a graduate student in the Sociology Ph.D. program at the University of New Mexico. His primary research interest is the link between socioeconomic inequality and racial and ethnic disparities in neighborhood crime, in the United States and elsewhere. At the ISR Samuel has coauthored research projects on a variety of topics, including youth mentoring, homelessness, substance abuse treatment and prevention, crime trends, law enforcement practice, and programs for graduate student success. As a graduate student he has also assisted in the instruction of undergraduate sociology courses in deviance, criminological theory, policing, corrections, and data analysis. Samuel has been married to his wife Kassily since January 2014 and shares his home with four lovable cats.