Photo: Amelia Murphy

Amelia Murphy

  • Senior Research Scientist 2
  • Center for Applied Research and Analysis



  • Political Science - Ph.D., 1998, University of New Mexico
  • Political Science - M.A., 1990, University of New Mexico
  • Political Science- B.A., 1984, Virginia Tech


Amelia Murphy, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Scientist 2 with the Center for Applied Research and Analysis (CARA). Dr. Murphy has 25+ years of experience as a research social scientist in a variety of fields, including conservation social science, public policy and public opinion, public and stakeholder engagement, evaluation, and criminal justice. Her criminal justice-related projects include studies of community-oriented policing, jail populations, and sentencing variations in New Mexico’s probation and parole populations. As an alternate municipal judge for the City of Roswell, New Mexico, Dr. Murphy was able to further her understanding of criminal justice to include real-world constraints, barriers and opportunities.

Dr. Murphy has held staff positions at UNM as the Deputy Director of the Institute for Public Policy (IPP), Senior Research Scientist 1 at the Institute for Social Research (ISR) and she has served as a professional/technical consultant for the Institute of Public Law (IPL).